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Rock Me Baby

Rock Me Baby has not been seen in 634 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2003-02-24.
It was played at 0.05% of live shows.
It has been performed live 1 time(s).

Music/Lyrics: B.B. King

Original Artist: B.B. King

Original Album: Single (1964)

Debut: 2003-02-24

Historian: Heidi Franz

One of B.B. King’s typically sexy songs, this one actually was written by B.B. King himself in 1964. A song that B.B. King likes to encourage the audience to sing along with, it is a satisfying, fun song that has been on several of his albums thru the years. A similarity is realized in B.B. King’s and Phish’s songwriting and playing styles through amusing songs and maintained jams. Both Phish and B.B. King are musical pioneers rather than trendsetters and it was apparent in the fun and mutual respect they had playing together at the 2/24/03 New Jersey show. This cover ended the three-song jam B.B. King played with Phish. At the end “Rock Me Baby,” B.B. King appeared shocked by the outpouring of admiration from the audience. Trey showed him the respect due the legend when he walked B.B. King off stage, thanking him with the signature Trey grin plastered on his face. This was one set closer that will never be beat!

While this was the first and only time Phish has performed this song, Trey had actually jammed it with B.B. King and The Roots exactly three years earlier, on 2/24/00, at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles during the filming of the IMAX movie All Access.
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