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Satin Doll

Satin Doll has not been seen in 1229 Phish shows.
It was last played: 1993-05-08.
It was played at 0.9% of live shows.
It has been performed live 18 time(s).

Music/Lyrics: Ellington/Strayhorn/Mercer

Original Artist: Duke Ellington

Vocals: Page

Debut: 1988-06-20

Historian: Ellis Godard

This Duke Ellington standard appeared in a baker's dozen regularly spaced appearances (6/20/88 through 2/25/90), and then lay dormant until a 4/12/93 breakout and a 5/8/93 reprise. Trey dedicated the 4/12/93 breakout to his grandmother, saying, “I wouldn’t be here if my grandmother hadn’t danced on this very floor [of the University of Iowa IMU Ballroom] with my grandfather to Duke Ellington, and neither would you.” Other memorable versions include the debut, nicely placed between “Golgi” and “‘A’ Train”; 7/23/88, with Peter Danforth and Dave Grippo on horns; the 8/6/88 “drummer’s choice”; and 12/31/89, oddly followed by “Highway to Hell.” The song was also teased, by Page, during the 12/30/92’A’ Train.”

Recommended Versions: 1988-06-20, 1988-07-23, 1988-08-06, 1989-12-31, 1993-04-12, 1993-05-08



Cigarette holder which wigs me
over her shoulder, she digs me.
Out cattin' that satin doll.

Baby, shall we go out skippin ?
Careful, amigo, you're flippin',
speaks Latin that satin doll.

She's nobody's fool so I'm playing it cool as can be.
I'll give it a whirl but I ain't for no girl catching me,

Telephone numbers well you know,
doing my rhumbas with uno
and that'n my satin doll.

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