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The Chase

The Chase has not been seen in 1557 Phish shows.
It was last played: 1990-06-07.
It was played at 0.36% of live shows.
It has been performed live 7 time(s).

Music: Anastasio

Vocals: Instrumental

Debut: 1987-10-14

Historian: Mark Toscano, lumpblockclod

One of Trey's most meticulous compositions, "The Chase" can be found on the Junta track, "Fluff's Travels" at 1:09-2:21, “The Chase” found a permanent home as the third segment of the complete “Fluffhead” in February of 1988. Prior to that, it appeared in another, somewhat more humiliating context as the bridge for the rather unpleasantly conceived “Lushington” (see 8/29/87). A number of times during this period, “The Chase” subjugated “Lushington” and the band would play the former with merely a closing jam on the latter (see 5/11/87). Also, as with “Who Do? We Do!” and “Clod,” “The Chase” made a brief solo reappearance during 1989 (see 9/21/89, 10/1/89, 10/26/89) as a filler tune between longer songs. Finally, it's worth noting that the final appearance of "The Chase" (segueing out of "Suzy" on 6/7/90) represents the last time any of the components of "Fluffhead" have been performed independently.

Like many of Trey’s compositions (“It’s Ice,” “Esther,” “Buried Alive” and “Fly Famous Mockingbird” come to mind), “The Chase” reflects a sort of musical onomatopoeia. The rapidly crossing and interlocking melodies of Trey’s guitar and Page’s piano supported by Mike’s responding bass line uncannily evoke the feeling of an urgent pursuit, albeit one that usually lasts about one minute.

See Also:“Fluffhead/Fluff ’s Travels”

Recommended Versions: 1989-10-26

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