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The Real Me

The Real Me has not been seen in 981 Phish shows.
It was last played: 1995-12-29.
It was played at 0.1% of live shows.
It has been performed live 2 time(s).

Music/Lyrics: Pete Townshend

Original Artist: The Who

Original Album: Quadrophenia (1973)

Vocals: Trey

Debut: 1995-10-31

Historian: Craig DeLucia

The first true song on Quadrophenia, “The Real Me” arises surreally from the sound of crashing waves in “I Am the Sea.” It is sung by Jimmy, the confused narrator of this rock opera. Jimmy, in his quest for truth, turns to his parents, a preacher, and a doctor, but none of them can understand his frustration. The presence of horns adds another dimension to this rock anthem.

“The Real Me” is one of only three Quadrophenia songs to be played again after its triumphant Halloween debut. Its only other appearance to date, on 12/29/95, was inside an epic “Bathtub Gin” sandwich that is one of many highlights from the 1995 NYE Run. 

Albums: Live Phish 14


© Fabulous Music, Ltd.

I went back to the doctor
To get another shrink.
I have to tell him about my weekend,
But he never betrays what he thinks.

Can you see the real me doctor?

I went back to my mother
I said, "I'm crazy ma, help me."
She said, "I know how it feels son,
'Cos it runs in the family."

Can you see the real me, mother?

The cracks between the paving stones
Look like rivers of flowing veins.
Strange people who know me
Peeping from behind every window pane.
The girl I used to love
Lives in this yellow house.
Yesterday she passed me by,
She doesn't want to know me now.

Can you see the real me, can you?

I went to the holy man,
Full of lies and hate,
I seemed to scare him a little
So he showed me to the golden gate.

Can you see the real me preacher?
Can you see the real me doctor?
Can you see the real me mother?
Can you see the real me me me me me me
me me me me me

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