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Thread has not been seen in 33 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2021-09-01.
It was played at 0.31% of live shows.
It has been performed live 6 time(s).

Music: Trey Anastasio

Lyrics: Tom Marshall

Debut: 2017-07-16

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Albums: Sigma Oasis


I pulled a thread out of the air
Golden and shining as thin as a hair
I couldn't do nothing but hold it and stare
I don't know why it was hovering there

I felt it pull on something inside
my chest was heaving, the knot came untied
and freed me to move, to stir from my stone
determined to never again be alone

wrapping the golden thread tight round my wrist
I picture you singing to wolves in the mist
You were my companions but you left me behind
a frown on your face and revenge on your mind

the wolves are long gone, the years have flown by
and I slept on a cliff side with views of the sky
hoping that maybe you'd visit anew
the site where your soul left and upwards it flew

But now this thread fills me again with resolve
A mission to go on, a mystery to solve
I soar above treetops the thread as my guide
It's pulling me closer to you as I glide

I then see a churchyard, with only one stone
With writing unusual, body unknown
Did you pass by here when you set out alone?
The words bring no comfort and chill to the bone:

etch some words
arrange them well
it seems you have a lot to tell
writings echo what you think
using shadows as your ink
you chisel memories in stone
these thoughts are yours and yours alone - you're alone
lay down the words
relax your grasp
and sleep beneath the epitaph - you're alone

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