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Tiny Little World

Tiny Little World has not been seen in 1932 Phish shows.
It has not yet been performed live.
It was played at 0% of live shows.

Music/Lyrics: Gordon/Murawski

Original Artist: Mike Gordon

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Albums: Overstep


© Who Is She? Music, Inc. (BMI)

Coffee shop, sipping froth I watch her
On a walkie talkie, talkin' sloshy 'n naught-ay
Losin' my Zen contentment, drugged, entranced by her lilac mist
Not actin' cock-ay, just came to get some nuts and a latte
Drench me in pretense and tempt me with the quench of your kiss

In my tiny little world, caught up in the motion
Tryin' to find the sauce, shake it like the ocean
Got to take it slow, try and find my posse
But nothing's making sense, so I shake and make it saucy

It's not enough in my eyes, night falls; Oh, I follow her light
Stop motion strobes swirl at Benny's Boomerang
Climbing in a bass bin, I'm shakin' and fallin' through the dark and spit out
Dive over shoulders, Harlem shake-dance on a bar stool and I feel a yank
A ballerina balancing on the bar kicks and I fall and black out

Ride that little bitty train that could

Drowned in sleep the morning comes, crawl on concrete and climb up in my car
When two notes cross, delivered wrong, ain't it a pity?
Phone's ringing 'n ringing, running red lights while they're huntin' me down
Got two house closings at the same time in two parts of this city
Gotta put you on hold while I calm my secret other-life down

I'm reachin' outta body, you can be my hot toddy
Ain't tryin' to be gaudy, but you hot like a hibachi
I pulsate like an earthquake, be my soul mate when we calibrate
Start to free associate, you're makin' me evaporate
My wish is to be squished, blown back out like a blowfish
Pickin' up your wishes like a satellite dish
And every chef knows: it's the sauce that makes the dish

Coffee shop, sipping froth I watch her.

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