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Sunday, 08/10/1997 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Soundcheck: Dog Log, Paul and Silas, Funky Bitch (slow), She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to Ride, Star Trek theme jam (Page on Theremin).

Set 1: Bathtub Gin Sparkle Down with Disease Dirt Cars Trucks Buses Billy Breathes Split Open and Melt Bye Bye Foot Ginseng Sullivan Harry Hood

Set 2: Cities Good Times Bad Times Rotation Jam Rock A William David Bowie

Encore: Cavern

Notes: The long, involved Rotation Jam to set up Rock A William started when Page went to the theremin for a solo. Soon after, Trey took up the keys and Mike went to play guitar. Page eventually picked up Mike’s bass. After they jammed a bit longer, Mike went to join Trey on the keys. Trey then joined Fish on the drums. The two of them played on the same drum set and Mike took a piano solo. Trey eventually kicked Fish off the drum stool, and Fish picked up Trey’s guitar. SOAM contained a Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part Two jam and a Third Stone from the Sun tease.

This show was part of the "1997 Summer U.S. Tour."

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