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Wednesday, 02/26/2003 Worcester Centrum Centre, Worcester, MA

Set 1: You Enjoy Myself Clone[1] Roggae Drifting[1] Blue Skies[1] The Moma Dance Final Flight[1] Maze

Set 2: Stash Ghost Low Rider Makisupa Policeman[2] Ya Mar Guyute Waves Prince Caspian Frankenstein Golgi Apparatus

Encore: Loving Cup

[1] Phish debut.
[2] Lyrics referenced the fire at the band's hotel in Cincinnati a week earlier.

Notes: YEM was preceded by a Call to the Post tease from Trey. The YEM vocal jam included Trey singing pieces of Clone (which would be played in its entirety after the vocal jam). This show marked the Phish debuts of Clone, Drifting, Blue Skies, and Final Flight (all of which had previously been played by various band member side projects). Maze included a tease from Page of Summertime (Gershwin). The lyrics to Makisupa referenced the fire at the band’s hotel in Cincinnati a week earlier. Trey expanded Page’s nickname to “Leo Kottke” in Ya Mar. Ya Mar also included a Stash tease. Golgi included a Frankenstein tease.

This show was part of the "2003 Winter Tour."

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