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Saturday, 08/26/1989 Townshend Family Park, Townshend, VT

Set 1: Fluffhead Colonel Forbin's Ascent Fly Famous Mockingbird Harry Hood Split Open and Melt Divided Sky You Enjoy Myself Possum

Set 2: The Fishin' Hole Bold As Love Ya Mar Slave to the Traffic Light AC/DC Bag Donna Lee Funky Bitch Foam David Bowie

Set 3: The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday Avenu Malkenu Suzy Greenberg Dinner and a Movie Run Like an Antelope

Encore: Contact The Lizards La Grange

Notes: Apparently Fish got a speeding ticket on the way to the show and someone else had to set up his drum set. The Hood intro featured an Odd Couple theme tease from Page. The Fishin' Hole (aka The Andy Griffith Show theme) started with the band whistling and ended with the audience whistling to the band’s accompaniment! Slave was introduced by Mike as being written by Pete Rose; Avenu Malkenu was subsequently announced as a song written by “Pete Rose and God.” Donna Lee contained an Entrance of the Gladiators tease from Trey, the Bowie intro contained If I Were a Rich Man teases, and Antelope included a Paint it Black tease. Prior to the first The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, Mike teased Windows (Max Creek). This show was officially released as Live Phish 09.

This show was part of the "1989 Tour."

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