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Thursday, 11/16/1989 Pearl Street Ballroom, Northampton, MA

Set 1: Mike's Song I Am Hydrogen Weekapaug Groove Bathtub Gin Foam The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony Suzy Greenberg My Sweet One Reba You Enjoy Myself Frankenstein

Set 2: The Sloth AC/DC Bag Tela David Bowie

Notes: Trey teased 'A' Train in Bowie. According to the December 1989 Phish Update that followed this gig, "[a] number of unfortunate events occurred" at this show. Reportedly the unfortunate events began with a failed attempt by the venue to divide drinking-age fans from underage fans using a velvet rope. Adding to the confusion was an explosion on or near the stage during David Bowie (possibly a flash pot or fireworks) which pushed the crowd over the edge. The show was cut short when the house lights were turned on and bouncers quickly evacuated everybody from the venue. The source of these show notes is

This show was part of the "1989 Tour."

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