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Everyone Orchestra, Saturday, 05/01/2004 Aladdin Theatre, Portland, OR

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Notes: This gig was a benefit for the Pangaea Project, and featured music, poetry, and multimedia presentations. Two sets of largely improvised music were performed by multiple combinations of musicians, including an improvisational exercise led by Kai Ekhardt and full Everyone Orchestra jams conducted by Tye North. Fish described and led a “Find your own Hey” jam (Phish’s traditional jamming exercise). The encore was a Maya Dornled sing along of “And We Bid You Goodnight.”  The main participants for the two shows were: Fish (drums); Tony Furtado (banjo, guitar); Kai Ekhardt (bass); Maya Dorn (vocals, guitar); Libby Kirkpatrick (vocals, guitar); Jans Ingber (hand drums, vocals); Matt Butler (drums, vocals); Julia Butterfly Hill (poetry); Tye North (conducter, bass, guitar); John Whooley (saxophone); Damian Erskine (bass); Asher Fulero (keyboards, DJ); and Scott Law (guitar). Special guests for this performance were Dennis Kucinich (words, tambourine) and Damien Aiken (saxophone).

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