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Susskind Hotel

Susskind Hotel has not been seen in 342 Phish shows.
It was last played: 2012-07-04.
It was played at 0.16% of live shows.
It has been performed live 3 time(s).

Music/Lyrics: Gordon

Original Artist: Trey, Mike and The Duo

Vocals: Mike

Debut: 2011-07-02

Historian: Tim Wade (TheEmu)

Welcome to the Susskind Hotel!

Let us first congratulate you on negotiating the hairpin turn in the road that allows us to maintain the hotel’s “Hidden and Nestled” rating. You can imagine that an ancient, golden castle would normally attract many visitors, but the wooded, off-the-beaten path location allows us to keep occupancy low. In fact, if one only counts the “real” guests, we have nothing but vacant rooms to choose from!

You will find that Susskind Hotel has two specialties. First, our spectacular but reasonably priced “Top of That Hill” room offers the most unique experience in Musical Hospitality. Where other hotels offer city or ocean views, this amazing guest room offers clear views of both your past and your future! Ask for such amenities the next time you stay at the Ritz-Carlton and savor the look on the faces of the front desk staff!

Our second, and most sought-after offering, is the Susskind Hotel Signature Jam! While other properties in the Musical Hospitality niche offer precious little variety, at the Susskind Hotel, we believe that the music should be fresh and free! Whether you are interested in rock-guitar riffs, bass-heavy grooves, swirling psychedelic trances or percussive madness, the Susskind Jam can deliver. Our goal is to make each visit to the Susskind Hotel memorable and unique!

Watch Susskind Hotel on YouTube G.R.A.B., “Susskind Hotel” – 7/22/06, Detroit Lakes, MN

A few words about the Hotel’s history:

“Susskind Hotel” was conceived in a Mike Gordon lucid dream, and was first considered for use with Leo Kottke. Although it would not be part of Leo and Mike’s collaboration, the Hotel (which Mike says “feels more like a jam with a vision attached to it”) would finally take form in the physical world towards the end of recording sessions with Trey, Mike and the Benevento/Russo Duo (a.k.a. G.R.A.B.). Having officially opened its doors at the Bonnaroo Super Jam on 6/17/06, guests were welcomed back to the “Hotel” during most of the G.R.A.B. performances in June and July of that year. Visitors watched the property quickly evolve from basic Econo Lodge-style versions into the full-service getaways that were offered on 7/1, 7/2 and 7/6. The Hotel’s early incarnation would temporarily shut its doors with the G.R.A.B. tour’s conclusion on 7/22/06.

Watch Susskind Hotel on Vimeo Mike Gordon, “Susskind Hotel,” “She Said She Said” – 9/9/09, Somerville, MA

But this one-of-a-kind destination had too much drawing power to stay closed forever, and it reopened under the management of Mike Gordon’s band on 12/27/08. This expansive 27-minute visit showed that guests of the Hotel would be subject to VIP-Jam treatment. The “Susskind Hotel” would be a frequent stop for Mike’s band in from 2009 - 2011; for a taste of the amenities this property can offer be sure to check in to the spectacular version from 11/26/10 – featuring Fishman on a second drum kit – which segued out of “Makisupa Policeman” before moving seamlessly into and back out of Radiohead’s “15 Step.”

Watch Susskind Hotel on YouTube Phish, “Susskind Hotel” – 9/2/11, Commerce City, CO

Unlike our guests, we cannot see Susskind Hotel’s future clearly. However, with its addition to the Phish repertoire at Super Ball IX (thanks in part to fans toting “Suskind Hotel” signs, a spelling which was later corrected by Mike) and a subsequent selection for showcasing in the 9/2/11 “S” set, business is doing well. The visits with Phish in charge were more straightforward thus far, but using the Hotel’s history as a guide, 5-Star Resort-caliber jams are surely just around that hairpin curve ahead.

So thank you for staying at the “Susskind Hotel,” and please don’t be a stranger! The next time you’re at a lawn party, take a stroll and don’t worry about knowing your path… you can leave the rest to us!

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